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In the ‘90s, programmers were designing websites that were awkward and ugly. Our clients wanted websites that looked as good as their printed marketing materials and coaxed us into website design. We began designing websites when the World Wide Web was fairly new and we were right there to grow along with it. Our beautifully designed, functional websites took over and by 2004 Interactive Twist (IT) became our web division.

Our web business continued to explode, and soon we added the ability to program extensive and complicated code for everything from project galleries to secure finance and banking needs.

A natural progression was to add hosting services. Some of our clients are in banking and finance, requiring extensive security, frequently timed backups and 24/7 service. Because of our expertise in this area all of our clients reap the benefits of additional security and service.

IT handles everything from design to programming, e-newsletters, e-blasts, network administration, complex coding, website stats, QR codes, phone/tablet applications, and hosting – all things dealing with networks and websites.

Our philosophy of working one on one with clients from the early years of Leader Graphic Design, Inc. has proven to work equally well in the world of website design and now in the world of extensive programming.

We create Elegant designs with Stunning visuals

The IT Experience.

Those with a discerning eye for design and function rely on Interactive Twist for their website and network programming. Imagine a single strand that is twisted with another to make a rope far stronger than either strand alone. The “twist” in Interactive Twist represents our unique team of creative web designers working side by side with logic-minded programmers. Our unique twist of creativity and logic results in powerful solutions because our designers and programmers work on ideas together, not individually, to deliver results that are visually appealing and work flawlessly.

When we dive into the intricacies of designing, developing or maintaining your website, it becomes a matter of trust. We earn that trust every day with our commitment to providing the best service available. You can rely on us to write secure code, add content, make changes and conquer new challenges that keep your business working smoothly.

Our Philisophy

Like our parent company, LGD, we believe that clients are best served by direct access to our designers and programmers – a philosophy that has been the trademark of our success. Face-to-face communication between our clients and our team members allows for an unparalleled understanding of our clients’ goals, providing for more innovative solutions and a collaborative team experience.

Our dedication to this philosophy promotes the positive Interactive Twist experience that leads to the successful completion of every project – on time and within budget. At Interactive Twist, your ideas become the visual reality you imagined – each and every time.

Your success is ours.

Web Design

Web Development




Web Design

Our name is Interactive Twist so it’s only right that we use an interactive approach by starting the process with a discussion of your business, your website goals and whether your site will be managed by you, your team or ours.

We research your business and the competition to ensure our proposal is both relevant and beneficial. The proposal is actually a plan to achieve your website goals and to suggest options you may not have considered or perhaps thought were too expensive. After fine-tuning the proposal and receiving your consent, we are ready to build your website.

Throughout the design process we use a backup server to create your website. You will be given private access to the website to review and approve as we build. If we are redesigning an existing site the existing site is active and unchanged until the new site is activated and replaces the old site.


Web Development

Websites serve different purposes – some are a source of information, others a source of revenue, and still others hold the keys to the business. Web development goes beyond the needs of information and sales and digs deep into the business operations, like tracking customers and their accounts, taking reservations, monitoring inventory, and offering private “member only” portals and business administration. This type of development combines custom programming and business savvy, enabling integration with your accounting or operating software. Careful development makes doing what you do easier and more efficient, eliminating the need for multiple programs as well as allowing password-protected access from any workspace.

We understand that having someone to dive deeply into business information is scary – you need someone you can trust. The trust you put in your website developer is paramount to reaching new heights. Our team works together, with you, to be sure we develop exactly what you need while keeping your business operations safe and secure.



Network Administration is the heart that keeps a business running profitably. The network consists of all the hardware and software that makes business possible. Usually it grows slowly, adding this and that, allowing the business to do all things operational, such as record keeping, cost analysis, management, employee records, communications, and on and on.

Over time, this can grow into a complicated menagerie of add-ons and fixes that no one really understands, and subsequently it causes mass confusion when it fails.

At Interactive Twist, our network administration capabilities developed as our knowledge of our clients’ operations grew. Our clients trust our ability to develop programs, recommend hardware and explain how to use it. They rely on us to be there when they need us; our reputation is built on their continued positive experience.



Because we worked closely with you to design your new website, we know exactly how important it is to you and your business that it is up and running smoothly. Your website’s uptime is so critically important to us that we developed our own program to monitor every website every few minutes to ensure every site is live.

Interactive Twist offers a selection of hosting options to fit your website needs as well as custom hosting for those clients using any of our development services or who have needs that exceed the limits of standard hosting. Custom hosting is quoted during the development of your website and includes features such as additional email addresses, secure file transfer protocol (FTP) sites, complex database needs, customized backup timing, and so much more.

At the end of the day or shoot, it is the photo that is the difference between getting attention or pushing it away. Like bad grammar, bad photography is a negative reflection on your company, but great photography tells your story while building your business.

Using today's technology, the team at LGD can help enhance the impact of the photography you have or shoot the new photography you need.

Data Facilities

We take your business, and ours, very seriously whether we are hosting your website or just storing your data. We take no chances when it comes to the security of our servers, your data, and your website.

Our data facility is manned 24/7 and features:

  • 24/7 facility access monitoring, thumbprint, ID badge and government photo ID verification
  • Video, audio and motion surveillance inside the facility
  • Advanced computer-safe fire suppression systems
  • Redundant fiber optic connections to multiple sources
  • Redundant HVAC and humidity control
  • In-line Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and battery backups
  • Diesel electric generation systems


When most of us think about publishing, we think of books, magazines or newspapers, when it actually encompasses all forms of written material - brochures, annual reports, technical manuals - and all their electronic counterparts.

The most recent evolution of publishing is electronic, but so much of what we do and how we do publications originates from our years of experience. LGD has the systems in place to track and check ads, articles, writers, photographers, and revisions, and we keep clients informed of the entire process.

Whether you decide on print, electronic or both, the work is in the planning, organizing and layout. Turning an existing print publication into an electronic one is doable, but designing the print and electronic versions simultaneously will not only make the electronic version better, it will act as an extension of the printed version, adding value to both versions.

Our expertise is not only in the creation of an elegant visual publication, but also in keeping track of all the parts and players. Our experience and organization makes it possible to stick to deadlines and budgets without sacrificing creativity. Let us show you the stunning possibilities.

Security is taken quite seriously. Follow this link to review our Data Facility details.

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	Change is hard and after 75 years of purchasing paper retail installment contracts from retailers GAFCO needed to go paperless.</p>
	By utilizing IT's customized programming, many of GAFCO's services have become automated providing the customer/retailer base with a more beneficial method of financing. Other programs offered by GAFCO can be customized for retailers and with a minimal training time.</p>
	<a href=Security is taken quite seriously. Follow this link to review our Data Facility details.


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